We are listening

How to lodge your grievance

We respect your right to lodge a grievance with our office, and see it as a way to ensure we constantly improve our business practices. Should you wish to make a complaint for investigation and response, it must be done in writing.

Please address your complaint to ‘The Complaints Officer’, not the team member involved, and not to the Directors.

The Complaints Officer is the only team member designated to assist with your complaint.

Where applicable, please outline the grounds for your complaint, including as much detail as possible. Also be sure to include contact details for yourself, including a phone number and an e-mail address.

Timeline of a complaint

Your complaint will be dealt with within seven (7) days of receiving to your grievance. Please do not contact the Complaints Officer during this period, unless you have further information to add that may affect the investigation.

Once the Complaints Officer receives your written complaint, the team member involved will be notified that a complaint has been made against them. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the details of the complaint will not

be revealed to the team member until that meeting, which will usually take place within two (2) days.

If the Complaints Officer feels further information is required or a meeting of the involved parties is necessary, they will contact you to make the required arrangements. Further, investigations may be required, and will take place during the seven (7) day period.

Acceptable resolutions for a complaint

After seven (7) days the Complaints Officer will forward to you written notice of the complaint’s resolution. If the complaint is upheld, details of the rectification or restitution will be discussed and negotiated. If the complaint is rejected, reasons for rejection will be provided. If a third party (e.g. another client) has become involved and the process will take longer that seven (7) days, the Complaints Officer will notify you of this development within that period.

Alternate resolutions

If you are not satisfied with the response we provide, there are several alternate courses you can pursue. We recommend seeking independent legal advice for guidance on which available avenues, if any, may suit you.

Details of the various agencies will be given to you when you receive written notice of your complaint’s resolution.

Your independent legal advice can guide you on your options. Be aware that time restrains may apply to your complaint.